Maison Garçonne

Since I started Garçonne, I have been so blessed to have met so many amazing people. People that I just love hanging out with and talking to. One of the best things has been meeting my pattern maker Jacqui. 

I was introduced to her by Sandra, my knitwear guru. We had a breakfast meeting at Colenso one morning in Woodend and we hit it off straight away. We soon discovered that we shared the same birthday - 13th of July (just in case you want to send me a card or some flowers, chocolate even?)  I knew that she was worth knowing!

Jacqui has been my go-to when I need to know something. She politely rolls her eyes when I ask her what an external bind is or what the hell is fusing for. She has, so far, guided me successfully through the sampling, and now, production process. For someone that knows nothing about fashion, she is a godsend. 

The fact that she lives in Woodend, just down the road, is so amazing I can't tell you. If I had to drive to Melbourne to ask her to point out where I'm supposed to be measuring from and to, would be torture. So thank you to the fashion gods that sent me Jacqui. She has been fundamental to making Garçonne as amazing as it is.

So big shout out to Jaq!

February 02, 2018 by Kate Thornell