The Crowdfunding Campaign to help launch Garçonne

As some of you might know, it is an expensive endeavour to start a clothing label.  Especially when you have a passion for beautiful quality yarns and fabrics and a mission to have the clothing produced locally. The challenge is that manufacturers require quite high minimums to go into production and to put even my small collection into production will cost over $100,000.

So to get my first collection made for next Winter, I have chosen to run a Crowdfunding Campaign, with the hope to pre-sell the collection to customers and retailers to cover as much of the production cost as I can. As an incentive for people to pre-order items, I am taking 25% off the retail prices. So to be part of this crowdfunding effort just go to our online store and pre-order pieces from the collection now.

The beauty of this system is that my customers get to own beautifully made garments at a discounted price as well as being an essential contributor to getting an Australian designed label off the ground, as well as helping to create work for people, both in my local town of Woodend, across Melbourne and overseas. They will also be a part of a movement towards "slow fashion" - buying better and buying less...

I have been blessed to have the chance to work alongside four lovely ladies that all live in Woodend. The amount of talent in our small area is just amazing:
- My pattern maker Jacqui has been an integral part of creating this label. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and is so good at what she does.
- Sandra, my wonderful knitwear and business consultant, has also been in the fashion industry for over 20 years has run her own childrenswear label for many years.
- The wonderful photographer Kim, always manages to create such beautiful  images for me and like the others, is a joy to work with.
- Finally the lovely Zali, my social media and marketing wiz and my first official customer!

All of these lovely ladies have been essential to creating this label. Without their help there would be no Garçonne.

But also without your help there will be no Garçonne. So I give thanks to everyone that has participated in this Crowdfunding event and I am so grateful for everyone's help...

Kate xx

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